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Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve

Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve

On Saturday D. and I went to take a walk around Alpine Pond at Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve, and here are some of the pics I took.

Sow thistle floof sits poised and ready for the next gust of wind.

We catch our first glimpse of Alpine Pond and the Daniels Nature Center.

Fish such as bluegill are barely visible in the pond's water.

The dark waters of Alpine Pond.

Daniels Nature Center.

A flame skimmer dragonfly rests on a stalk at the pond's edge.

Interesting textures of a blackberry leaf.

A large patch of yellow star thistles appears formidable and prickly in the afternoon sunlight.

Bull thistle, still in bloom.

The Ipiwa Trail leaves the woodsy area near the Nature Center and proceeds uphill across wide-open grassland -- not good for me on this hot day.

The view from where we have to turn around to go back.

A weather station on the hillside next to the trail not only measures wind speed and temperature but also collects fog on several large screens to gauge its moisture content.

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