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Ulistac Natural Area

Ulistac Natural Area

On Sunday D. and I decided to go for a little walk at Ulistac Natural Area. Here are some of the pics I took.

Mallow catches the afternoon sunlight.

Dried grasses are a sign summer is winding down.

The spots on this fallen blue gum leaf bring to mind a leopard.

A view of the wetland area of the preserve, once part of the Guadalupe River's natural channel prior to the levees created by the flood control project.

A cocklebur seed pod.

A forest of cattails.

Another view of the wetland area, not so wet now that it is late summer.

Blue gum pods.

Another blue gum leaf with spots on it.

A brilliant yellow cottonwood leaf on the trail.


Trees near the riparian habitat section of the preserve.

California aster blossoms and seed heads.

Hip of the California wild rose.

More gumplant.

A bee visits buckwheat blossoms.

A gumplant flower is ready to begin forming seeds.

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