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Bayfront Park

Bayfront Park

On Sunday D. and I took a little walk in Bayfront Park, and here are some of the pics I took.

Lots of birds are gathered on the mud flat, including green-winged teal, black-necked stilts, and shovelers.

A long-billed curlew probes deep in the mud for things to eat.


A avocet (in winter plumage) is another long-billed shorebird.

The view across the former salt evaporation ponds.

When this Russian thistle dies and dries out, it will become a tumbleweed and start rolling across the flats dispersing its seeds.

Snails estivate on the stalks of dead fennel.

Dried grasses are emblematic of autumn.

Floof! (No, the pic is not sideways; the flower is growing sideways.)

The barren salt flats.

Canada geese graze on the hillside.

One of the many feral cats in the park, hunting for mice in the grass.

Brine flies cluster on a stalk of fennel in the salt pond.

The salt marsh.

Another feral cat, near a feeding station.

And yet another feral cat, on a path up the hill.

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