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Matadero Creek, Part 1

Matadero Creek, Part 1

On Sunday D. and I took a walk in The Baylands Nature Preserve next to Matadero Creek and Mayfield Slough.  It was a beautiful autumn afternoon, and here are some of the pics I took.

Near the trailhead we see pelicans in a pond in the freshwater marsh.

A Robertson R44 helicopter circles overhead.

Clouds over the hill at neighboring Byxbee Park.

The freshwater marsh, part of the Regional Water Quality Control Plant.

Abandoned radiotelegraph relay buildings sit in the middle of an antenna field in the marsh.  The buildings housed transmitters for KFS which passed maritime radio traffic until the 1990s. During WWII, it was home to 2 stations that broadcast Voice of America shortwave programming across the Pacific all the way to Australia and up to the Aleutian Islands. Until the early 1960s the site had a tower that was over 600 feet high. In recent years the site has suffered from neglect and vandalism.

A dry area of the marsh.

A milk snail estivates on a dead fennel stalk.

A small thistle in bloom.

A mallard swims down Matadero Creek.

A northern harrier glides over the marsh.

A maple tree is festooned with golden winged seeds.

Oak leaves glow in the autumn sunshine.

We round a bend in the trail and find Mayfield Slough.

A black-crowned night heron perches above the slough, waiting to catch fish.

Dead thistles bristle next to the trail.

Mayfield Slough.

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