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Matadero Creek, Park 2

Matadero Creek, Park 2

Here's Part 2 of my walk in The Baylands Nature Preserve next to Matadero Creek and Mayfield Slough (Part 1 here).

Mayfield Slough.

A northern shoveler in the slough.

An EVA Air jet flies overhead.

The marsh, part of a vast flood control basin, is diked off from San Francisco Bay behind a tidegate and weirs.

A northern harrier maneuvers over the marsh, looking for small rodents.

Mayfield Slough, looking downstream, and upstream.

A Beech A36 comes in for a landing at nearby Palo Alto Airport.

A white-tailed kite hovers over the marsh.

A turkey vulture soars overhead.

Another small plane heads toward the airport.

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