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Cooley Landing

Cooley Landing

On Friday D. and I visited Cooley Landing to enjoy a remarkably mild autumn day and to get away from Black Friday madness.  Here are some of the pics I took.

Looking east across San Francisco Bay.

A look at the clouds over the Bay.

Gumplant is very common near salt marshes.

California poppy, the official state flower.

The new Education Center, still locked up tight.  It supposedly opened in April 2016.

Looking southwest.

A Cessna 182T flies overhead from nearby Palo Alto Airport.

The wings of this American Champion 7-ECA have a colorful design.

A red-tailed hawk perches in a blue gum eucalyptus long enough for me to get some good pics.

Buckwheat is another native wildflower.

A look at the other side of the Education Center.  One of these days it's actually going to be open when we go there.

A gull perches on a sign, backlit by the advancing clouds in the west.

Oh, really?

This tiny little corpse looking like a beaked mouse is a salt-marsh wandering shrew (Sorex vagrans halicoetes), which had probably been caught by a raptor and accidentally dropped before it could get eaten.

A look at the salt marsh before we head back home.

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