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India Basin Park

India Basin Park

On Saturday D. and I had a couple of errands to do in San Francisco, and afterward we took a little walk on the trail at India Basin Park.  Here are some of the pics I took while we were there.

A yellow daisy next to the parking lot seems to glow in the overcast afternoon.

A look up the shore, where an old power plant run by PG&E used to be.

A snowy egret strides through the shallows looking for fish to eat.

It's low tide.

A pigeon puffs up against the damp chill.

A dowitcher splashes in the water with its long, probing bill.

An anchor design in the trail looks pretty chewed-up.

A western gull perches atop a piling.

There are peculiar light posts sticking up in the vegetation, in clusters all along the trail.  We figure it is some sort of public art installation, but that's just a guess.

I'd love to see the effect when it's darker in the evening.

Clarkia, or farewell-to-spring, is part of a native plant restoration.

This plant's seed head looks like an abstract sculpture.

The Bay Trail.

A look back along the shore.

Benches along the trail have words about the local community and the creation of the park on their bases.

Difficult times.

Not so coincidentally, parts of the fence around the former power plant are the same shade of blue as the PG&E logo.

Another snowy egret looks for fish.

A huge flock of starlings roosts on the power lines next to the park.

The setting sun tells us it's time to leave.

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