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Apple Park Visitor Center And De Anza College

Apple Park Visitor Center And De Anza College

On Sunday D. and I decided to check out the new Apple Park Visitor Center, after which we took another little walk around nearby De Anza College. Here are some of the pics I took at those places.

The facade of the Visitor Center is glassy and reflective.

The inside is basically not a whole lot more than an Apple Store and a cafe which aren't all that photogenic in my opinion, so we head up to the roof terrace via a white angular staircase.

Partway up we see some of the 114 olive trees in the plaza outside.

We catch a glimpse of the roof.

The rooftop terrace.  The "spaceship" is barely visible behind the trees.

The roof beams offer no shelter from rainy weather or fierce hot sun.

The ceiling of the stairwell creates abstract forms and shadows.

An 11,000-pound aluminum alloy scale model of the campus occupies its own space on the ground floor.

Augmented reality-equipped iPads provided by red-shirted staff allow visitors to peer inside Apple's new spaceship office building.  Swiping up on the screen raises the roof of the area it's pointed at to reveal the various rooms within.

Outside, autumn leaves glow in the afternoon sunshine.

Mobiles outside another Apple office building down the street.

Read San Francisco Chronicle urban design critic John King's assessment of Apple Park here; watch John King's video visit to the place here; and read an article about it on Wired here.

After we were done at Apple Park we went over to De Anza College to enjoy the beautiful quiet autumn afternoon.

The sunken garden.

La Vita é Una Fontana ("Life is a Fountain") by Salvatore Pecoraro.

Arches are a prominent architectural feature on the campus.

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