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Pacific Shores Center

Pacific Shores Center

On Sunday D. and I took a little stroll around Pacific Shores Center, and here are some of the pics I took.

Autumn grasses glow in the afternoon sunlight.

Scoopy roofs are a distinctive feature of the center.

The plaza.

A bubbly pool mimics a shallow, stony creek.

The glimmering water is mesmerizing.

Pillar fountains rise like sentinels opposite the bubbly pool.

A look across the campus.

A planting of aeoniums near the Pacific Shores athletic club makes a striking display.

Tables outside the athletic club.

A squirrel hangs out on a palm.

Gracefully curved terraces near the playing field.

A daisy leans into the low afternoon sunlight.

More buildings and their scoopy roofs.

A Eurasian collared dove rests in a tree after its mate narrowly escapes capture by a Cooper's hawk.

Rustic chairs rest in the sunlight.

Behind the complex, a red kayak and a sailboat make their way along Westpoint Slough toward San Francisco Bay.

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