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Wildlife Refuge 5, with bones

Wildlife Refuge 5, with bones

D. and I went back to the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay Wildlife Refuge recently, and D. took some pics of the stuff there, including some bones.

Western fence lizard bops around the Wildlife Refuge pavilion's back door.

Toyon berries, bright as holly throughout the winter.

Salt ponds. Someday soon they will be restored back to natural tidal marsh.

Raccoon tracks in the mud.

Seagull and raccoon tracks in the mud.

A bird's foot on the boardwalk trail over the ponds.

A view down the slough toward the Bay.

Some of the weird topology at the edge of the salt ponds.

Bird bones we found all over a stretch of salt pond shoreline. We are guessing they are seagull bones, probably eaten by raccoons or foxes.

I examine some seagull skulls.  We found a lot of fully-feathered wings strewn here and there in the brush along the side of the levee, with the rest of the bones nearby.

A still-living seagull.

A salt pond.

Seagulls gather on little islands in the ponds.

Grebes and mallards in the freshwater slough.

A flock of terns wheels through the afternoon sky over the slough.

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