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Just tryin' to sit in a chair, is all

Just tryin' to sit in a chair, is all

Today while sitting peacefully with Outreach at the McKesson building a big chunky guy came up out of nowhere, grabbed me by my leg and shouted playfully, "Don't you be sittin' in that chair!" or "Get up outta that chair!" or words to that effect. He startled me and scared the daylights out of Joan, who asked him rather shrilly, "Do you know her?" He let go of me, looked slightly abashed, mumbled something, grinned, and walked on up Market St.


In the past 19 years I've had some weird stuff happen while on Outreach, but I've never had someone lay hands on me before. I was lucky -- he may have had one or two screws loose, but at least he wasn't violent. At least, not with me, not this time.

Maybe this guy's thing is to go around accosting sitting people?

There's worse a person could get up to. Especially on Market St.

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