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Arbuckle Gallery

Arbuckle Gallery

On Saturday, while at the San José History Park, D. and I stopped by the Arbuckle Gallery to see the current exhibit "In the Fields of the North / En los Campos del Norte," chronicling the lives of contemporary migrant farm workers.  Here are some of the pics I took while there (see also pics of the nearby Viet Museum here).

An introduction to the exhibit.

A look at one of the galleries.

A United Farm Workers flag, with political buttons (including ones that say No Grapes; No Uvas; Uvas No; The Wrath of Grapes; Boycott Dole; Boycott Gallo; Boycott Non-Union Grapes; Boycott Lettuce; Boycott Scab Lettuce; Don't Buy Red Coach Lettuce; No Lettuce Unless It's Union Label; Cada Trabajador Es Un Organizador; Viva La Huelga; Como Siempre; Queremos Un Contracto; We Want A Contract; Vote UFW; Unidos Ganaremos; No Violencia Es Neustra Fuerza; Support UFW Workers Compensation; Support Farm Workers; Press; Security).

A display of paper hand silhouettes with thoughts and observations written on them by viewers of the exhibit.

Don't take food for granted.

Food! The world have food!

Pencils in a box, to write down one's thoughts on migrant farm workers after viewing the exhibit.

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