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Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve

Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve

On Saturday D. and I visited Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve and enjoyed a walk on the Aquila Loop Trail.  Here are some of the pics I took.

After ascending up into the hills, upon arrival we are startled to find ourselves above a pronounced temperature inversion, at 2,050'.  It is distinctly warmer and clearer up at the ridge compared to the valley floor.

Looking south, the haze of the inversion drifts up against the foothills.

Views of the Aquila Loop Trail.

A cow stands on the trail bellowing for several minutes, calling calves to her.  Her mooing is so strident it echoes vigorously off the surrounding hills.  She stands her ground.  She is large and in charge.  She is Boss Cow.

A cow outstanding in her field.

One of the cute little calves which shows up eventually in response to Boss Cow's bellowing.

Looking west out over San Francisco Bay, it looks like a huge sea of cotton.  From up here, it is impossible to tell there is a huge city of over 1 million underneath that.

A geodetic survey marker on the hilltop.

View from the hilltop.

The branches of an ancient oak reach like gnarled arms up into the sky.

As the afternoon fades, the mists of the inversion reach farther into the rolling hills.

A bird perches on a trailside marker looking for bugs to catch.

Another view of the ancient hilltop oak.

Looking north into the rolling hills.

Another cute calf.

The hind end of another grazing cow.

A little calf hides in the tall grasses off the trail.

More grazing cows.

The amazing sunset from the parking lot.

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