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Baylands: Emily Renzel Wetlands

Baylands: Emily Renzel Wetlands

On Sunday D. and I visited the Emily Renzel Wetlands in the Baylands Preserve to enjoy a quiet winter's day in the marsh.  Here are some of the pics I took.

A look at Hawk Pond, at the trailhead.

A northern harrier perches on a bench next to another pond.

A great egret perches on a dead tumbleweed in the pond.

A look at Egret Pond, on the other side of the trail.

An Anna's hummingbird rests on a cattail at the edge of Egret Pond.

The marsh is part of a flood control basin for the city of Palo Alto.

Lots of pickleweed, dock, saltbush and salt grass.

A Cessna Cardinal flies overhead toward nearby Palo Alto airport.

Canada geese fly over the marsh.

A vernal pool in the marsh.

California aster floof.

Buds of a blue gum eucalyptus near Matadero Creek.

Several crows gang up on a northern harrier in a tree near the creek.

A crow with a rock in its beak engages in aerial combat with the harrier.

Another look at a large variety of waterfowl in Egret Pond.

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