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Arastradero on my birthday

Arastradero on my birthday

On my birthday D. and I went to the Arastradero Nature Preserve. D. took some pics.

Looking down one of the trails at the preserve.

A skidding mountain bike created the beginnings of a yin-yang design.

Looking down the De Anza trail.

Edumacational stuff is everywhere! They are determined that preserve visitors be edumacated!

Coyote bush in bloom.

Buckeye pods split open as the seeds within ripen.

An equestrian comes down the trail, clippety-clop. The horse was wearing leather slippers because he doesn't wear horseshoes (or so said his rider).

A Cooper's hawk soars toward Arastradero Creek.

A dead tree makes a great perch for white-tailed kites.

One of a pair of white-tailed kites hovering over the hillside in search of lunch.

A huge valley oak tree dominates a hillside in the refuge.

A little grebe takes a swim in Arastradero Lake.

Arastradero Creek Trail.

Dead star thistles are prickly -- big owie, don't touch!

A western bluebird nest box along the Arastradero Creek Trail.

Wood duck nest box at Sobey Pond.

Weeds and moss struggle to survive till the onset of winter rain on the dry bed of Sobey Pond.


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