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Los Gatos Creek Trail

Los Gatos Creek Trail

On Sunday D. and I were going to attend a solar astronomy event sponsored by the San Jose Astronomical Association, but clouds got in the way.  Even through a telescope, it is very hard to see anything meaningful on the sun through overcast!  So we decided to take a little walk on the trail at nearby Los Gatos Creek County Park instead, and here are some of the pics I took.

Looking upstream.

Sycamore buds are starting to pop.

A mallard in the creek.

The winter canopy overhead.

Looking downstream, from a little island in the creek.

The acacias are in bloom.

Wild radish.

Arroyo willow catkins.

The river island.

A bigleaf maple leaf floats in a backwater of the creek.

Another leaf, leftover from last autumn, drifts slowly down the current.

Another look at the creek from the little island.

A coot swims upstream in a gleam of sunlight.

Mushrooms show slender silvery slug trails on their caps.

Sycamore flowers are popping out.

Lesser scaup in a groundwater recharge pond next to the trail.  

A coot swims in the recharge pond.

Another look at Los Gatos Creek before heading home.

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