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Foothill College

Foothill College

On Sunday D. and I took a little self-guided tour of Foothill College. Here are some of the pics I took.

A little water garden on campus is teeming with life, including water lilies and a skittish red-eared slider turtle.

There is also a little goldfish.

A western fence lizard basks on some gravel.

A peek at a plaza in between campus buildings.

A rose blooms outside the Smithwick Theater on campus.

All righty then.

A sculpture by Stephen L. Newkirk rakes the sky outside the library.

One of the flowers in bloom next to the library.

The view from the top of the hill near the science center, looking east.

Metal people playing with atoms!  "Helium," by Bay Area artist and sculptor James Moore, inspired by the helium atom, is a brushed stainless steel sculpture which "explores the idea of shared exploration and discovery."

Clouds move in over the interesting roofs of the Physical Sciences and Engineering Center.

A ground squirrel snacks on blue-eyed grass.

The warm concrete sidewalk becomes a day spa for basking lizards.

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