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Arastradero Preserve

Arastradero Preserve

On Sunday D. and I visited Arastradero Preserve, where I had a chance to test out a Whill Model M off-road power wheelchair on actual nature trails, which included asphalt, gravel, rutted dirt, and grass surfaces.  It came through with flying colors, and it was a thrill to be able to enjoy a nature preserve without exhaustion and pain.

Here are some of the pics I took, with a POV from a seated position, lower to the ground. (Not as many pics as usual because my hands were busy concentrating on steering the wheelchair; video to come.)

A look at the preserve from outside the gate.

Wheelchair POV through the gate, heading up the Meadowlark Trail.

A gigantic valley oak has massive contorted and twisted limbs.

The dirt track going up the hill is too steep for the Model M, so we continue on the Meadowlark Trail.

Views from along the Meadowlark Trail.

Looking toward the Santa Cruz Mountains from the Vista Point.   (See video of the approach in the wheelchair here.)

Looking east into the haze from the Vista Point.

A tiny juvenile Western fence lizard eyes me on the Woodland Star Trail.

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