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Sunnyvale Baylands

Sunnyvale Baylands

On Sunday D. and I took a short walk on the levees at the Sunnyvale Baylands, and I took some pics.

A cormorant surfaces from diving for fish.

Wild mustard is in bloom.

The view east to Alviso and Mt. Hamilton in the background.

The view over the marshes to the hills on the other side of San Francisco Bay.

A cabbage white butterfly rests on a mallow flower.

This anise swallowtail has lost part of its tail.

A mallard hen splashes about in a lagoon.

Ducklings are so gosh-darn cute. 

This mallard drake takes exception to our presence and flies to the other side of the lagoon.

A common gallinule has something to say about the situation.

Spotless ladybug is spotless.

A wooly bear caterpillar scuttles quickly across the hot pebbles towards shade.

An Alaska Airlines Bombardier Q400 turboprop banks overhead after taking off from nearby San José International Airport.

An adorable mallard family swims in the lagoon.

A look at the lagoon, adjacent to the city's water treatment ponds.

Another jet takes off from San José International and banks overhead to turn south.

A barn swallow pauses from soaring through the marshes hunting bugs.

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