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Permanente Creek Trail

Permanente Creek Trail

On Sunday D. and I ventured out into the heat to check out the newly-opened stretch of the Permanente Creek Trail in town.  Frankly, it was a disappointment, but I took a few pics before I became too weak, hot, tired and in pain, causing us to turn around and come home.

The trailhead is next to a school, where the creek is confined to a concrete flood control channel and lined with cyclone fencing.  Not very picturesque.

A mirror allows trail users to see if any bikes are coming quickly down the ramp from the street.  A sign reminds users:" Shared Trail."

A milk snail estivates in the summer heat on fencing.

The trail begins to arch over Highway 101.  Arrows remind trail users it's a 2-way trail.

On the other side of Highway 101, the creek follows a natural channel, with native wildflowers along its banks.  Here is a gumplant.

Returning on the overpass over the highway.

A lesser goldfinch looks for thistle seeds to eat next to the creek.

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