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Villa Montalvo

Villa Montalvo

On Sunday D. and I went to Villa Montalvo to try out my new power wheelchair on some of the trails.  We hadn't been there in six years because I'd become too weak to handle its hilly trails on foot, so I was really looking forward to going back.  Things didn't turn out as planned, however.

We begin benignly enough, by a colonnade behind the mansion.

We set out on a trail that goes into the woods.

It's tough going on the narrow, rocky, rutted dirt trail.  As we go past some artists' residences, the wheelchair gets stuck in a sandy patch and almost slides down the slope into the residences.  It's a very pretty view, though.

Due to encountering steps at various places along a couple of the trails, we are forced to turn around and double back twice (the wheelchair can go off-road but it can't go down stairs).  Eventually we get back to the mansion, where I get a chance to rest on the shaded veranda (and admire the balusters).

Here's one of the figures carved into the mansion's wooden door.

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