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Bay Trail

Bay Trail

On Sunday, D. and I took a stroll on the section of the Bay Trail that goes behind the Facebook campus in Menlo Park.  Here are some of the pics I took.

Dormant buckeyes in the parking lot are dropping their leaves to survive the hot dry summer.

The trail sets out next to the Facebook parking lot, whose lighting fixtures stand like sentinels behind the trees.

Fennel, an invasive non-native.

More lights, and a flag that is part of a public art installation.

Yellow thistle.

A plaque describes the series of flags along the trail as "wind-activated canvasses" (which D. and I find to be pretentious in the extreme), which "respond dynamically" to the bayside climatic conditions (in other words, they flap in the breeze). 

A view of the salt marsh in the process of being restored to its natural habitat.

Buckwheat in bloom.


Black-necked stilts look for food in the marsh.

A ramp leads from the Facebook parking lot underneath Bayfront Expressway to the rest of the campus on the other side of the road.

Traffic on Bayfront Expressway.  The traffic lights are for Facebook trams traveling between campuses.

Another "wind-activated canvas." 

Heading back.

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