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Bay Trail Redwood Shores

Bay Trail Redwood Shores

On Sunday D. and I visited the section of the Bay Trail in Redwood Shores, because it was a flat paved trail (gravel trails are way too bumpy for me in my wheelchair), and the breezes off San Francisco Bay would help keep us cool (there was no shade).  Here are some of the pics I took.

It's low tide in Belmont Slough.

An avocet searches the mud in the slough for things to eat.

One of the Canada geese grazing on the lawn pants from the heat.

The Oracle campus, visible across Belmont Slough from the trail.

A dried slough glistens with a white crust of evaporated salt.

A jackrabbit bops around in the pickleweed.

We stop in at the Redwood Shores library to rest for a bit and cool off.

Geese graze by an emergency evacuation area near the Oracle campus.

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