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Bayfront Park

Bayfront Park

On Sunday D. and I went to Bayfront Park, and I took some pics as we traveled the Perimeter Trail for a ways, then went onto some smaller cross-park trails.

Fennel in bloom.

The trailhead.

The trail wends its way past dried grasses on the edge of the Bay.

Relics of old salt ponds surround the park.

The action of sun and wind causes supersaturated brine, which forces salt to crystalize as the water evaporates.

Vivid colors and strange formations create an alien landscape.

A mesembryanthemum flower.

One of two turkey vultures soaring over the salt marsh.

A heavily-vandalized sign overlooks a salt pond destined to be restored into a natural tidal salt marsh.


A solitary cone rests in some dry grass.

An empty snail shell.

One of the trails criss-crossing the park.

A rare daytime glimpse of a skunk moseying down the hillside onto the trail.

Salt flats stretch into the distance to the west.

I think I'll avoid that particular detour that goes off into the brush, thanks all the same. 

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