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Pahavit's Universe

Date: 9-18-2018 12:15 AM
Subject: Santa Clara University
Security: Public
Tags:bird, book, field trip, flower, hummingbird, library, light, rose, santa clara, santa clara university
Santa Clara University

On Sunday D. had to do a quick photo shoot in Santa Clara, so afterward we went to the nearby Santa Clara University to wander around the campus.  Here are some of the pics I took (not that many because we were wandering around randomly not knowing where we were going).

Tables are still set up from a previous event on campus.

A couple of roses along a walkway.

The outside of the law school.

The inside of the law school.

Some of the books in the law library.

Do they really want a book titled Bending the Law in their law library? 

A hummingbird sips from some lantanas.

Another look at a detail of the façade of the law school.

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