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Guadalupe River Trail

Guadalupe River Trail

On Sunday D. and I decided to visit the Guadalupe River Trail, and here are some of the pics I took.

A Southwest jet comes in to land at San José International Airport (only a mile away) over a playground near where we have parked.

A feral cat sits in a field, hunting mice.

We are under the flight path for landing jets.  Here comes another Southwest flight on its descent.

The view of the Guadalupe River from atop a flood control structure next to the trail.

The trail has distinctive lamp posts.

We go past a railroad trestle ornamented with graffiti.

The authorities have recently performed a sweep of the area to remove homeless encampments.  Shortly past this point we encounter a half-naked mentally ill homeless person who, for some reason, takes extreme exception to D.'s cane and flings vicious verbal invective at us for the next 150 feet till we get to the next street, which we cross with relief at not being followed.

An Alaska SkyWest jet goes overhead, its landing gear down.

Blossoms float in the Pool of Genes, a water feature designed to showcase San José as a multi-cultural city.

On our way back we see more graffiti on the side of the railroad trestle underpass.

The trail.

We take a quick detour into the rose garden, where many are still in bloom in early autumn, including this Zenaitta rose.

This American Airlines Airbus A319 descends to land.

Next to the rose garden we see some of the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office Pipe Band having an impromptu rehearsal (they are actually loud enough to drown out the jets landing overhead).

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