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Bay Trail Foster City

Bay Trail Foster City

On Sunday D. and I visited the Bay Trail in the northern part of Foster City, and here are some of the pics I took.

A view of the San Mateo Bridge.

A United/SkyWest Bombardier CRJ-200 comes in for a landing at San Francisco International Airport, 6 miles to the north.  Wing vortices, looking like miniature contrails, are visible trailing off the outer edges of the lowered flaps.

Some of the many kiteboarders out for a sail on the bay.

A United Bombardier CRJ-701ER on its approach to SFO.

While their kites are huge, the kiteboards themselves are small and can ride fairly high above the water.

An Asiana Airbus A350-941 nears the airport.

Colorful kites used by some of the kiteboarders catch the strong winds on the bay.

The staging area at the 3rd Ave. Upper Launch.

First world problems.

Salt marsh near Seal Slough.

A great egret fishes in the marsh.


The ramp to an observation platform at the mouth of Seal Slough.

A ruddy duck and some coots in the bay.

A western gull rests on a high tension line access platform.

Another gull decides to sit for a while on a street light.

The trail.

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