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Intel Museum

Intel Museum

On Monday D. and I needed an indoor activity due to the lingering smoke (and poor air quality) from the wildfires, so we went to the Intel Museum, and here are some of the pics I took.

A look inside.

An enlarged view of the Intel 4004 4-bit CPU, created in 1971.

The panel of an Altair 8800 personal computer, powered by Intel's 8080 microprocessor.  It was programmed via the toggle switches.

Microma watches, which Intel hoped would become a kind of smart watch.  They failed because chips back in the 1970s weren't small or powerful enough.

A Pentium 4 processor, from 2002.

This bouquet of cords ending in different plugs illustrates the need for worldwide common electrical standards for voltage and plug configurations.

This section has floor panels featuring various chemical elements, beginning with hydrogen.

Another section of the museum includes an interactive wall display about smart cities.

A miniature model of a clean room microprocessor facility features a tiny figure in a protective "bunny suit."  Yellow light is used for illumination due to the light wavelengths used in the photolithograhy process.

Clean room dress code.  Bunny suits keep lint, hair and skin flakes from contaminating the silicon wafers during manufacture.

A child-sized bunny suit model with a face cut-out to pose behind for photo ops.

One of the "bunny people" character dolls, which were originally a limited-edition promotion but are now available in the museum's gift shop.

This enlargement almost looks like a satellite view of a city.  The macrocosm in the microcosm?

Domaine d'Intel, custom labeled bottles of champagne and wine that were once used to celebrate company milestones.

Wouldn't you want a magic microprocessor that spews a swirl of confetti for your very own?

Outside we see part of the living wall of ferns, succulents and grasses at the entrance.

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