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Pahavit's Universe

Date: 12-11-2018 12:09 AM
Subject: Fun Facts: Cars In San Francisco
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Tags:fun fact, san francisco, trivia
Fun Facts: Cars In San Francisco

There was no field trip this week because both D. and I have been sick, so in lieu of new pics here are some fun facts about cars in San Francisco.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency says that there are 10,478 registered vehicles per square mile in the city, the highest density of cars of any city in the country.  A parking lot big enough to hold all of them would be twice the size of Golden Gate Park (which is 1,017 acres, and 1.583 mi²).

The SFMTA also says there are 443,283 publicly accessible parking spaces in the city.  Figuring an average length of 17 feet, if you lined up all those spaces end to end they'd stretch more than 1,400 miles, longer than the West Coast of the United States.

Yup, traffic is bad.

Here is a very old pic of mine of an "exploded" car mounted on the side of a parking garage in San Francisco; it looks like a squished bug:

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