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Legion Of Honor

Legion Of Honor

On Friday D. and I went up to San Francisco for our anniversary to enjoy the afternoon in the Legion of Honor.  Here are some of the pics I took.

I love the mauve color on this gallery's walls.  It's a bold choice, but it works really well.

This is Dutch painter Ferdinand Bol's The Crowning of Mirtillo, 1650.

Here's a view through several galleries toward Monet's Water Lilies.

An ornate chandelier hangs below a skylight.

Whoever curated these galleries was not afraid of color.

This carved marble face is flanked by intricately detailed flowers.

This massive chandelier looks like it's on steroids.

This 1702 terracotta bust by Antoine Coysevox is a self-portrait.  He certainly made himself look very self-confident.

This intricately carved 15th Century Spanish Mudéjar ceiling takes my breath away.  It shows the popular Moorish style that was prevalent at that time.

This painted wood piece depicting the Burial of the Virgin is from 16th Century Germany.

This alabaster piece from 15th Century England depicts the Coronation of the Virgin.

This 1882 terracotta bust of Diana is by Jean Alexandre Joseph Falguière.  I love the little crescent moon on her head.

This mummy mask is an idealized image of the deceased as a resurrected being.

Here's another view through several galleries.

Outside the museum, we see dusk settling in over the Marin Headlands across the Golden Gate.

A not-quite-full moon rises through wisps of fog in the east.

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