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Guadalupe River Trail - River Oaks Pkwy to Rte 237

Guadalupe River Trail - River Oaks Pkwy to Rte. 237

On Sunday D. and I got out of the house and spent some time on the Guadalupe River Trail, between River Oaks Parkway and Route 237.  Here are some of the pics I took.

The trail runs on top of flood control levees.  We appreciate the trail's flat, even, paved surface.

A ground squirrel basks on the sun-warmed metal of a flood control cistern next to the trail.

A great egret hunts in the river's channel.

A look at the channel, choked with vegetation.

A pair of mallards have a grooming session on some rocks in the river.

Just north of Route 237, the channel widens, a half-mile from where it joins San Francisco Bay.

The clouds are gathering as a weather system moves closer to the Bay Area.

Sow thistle floof and flower.


Another great egret hunts along the east bank of the levee.

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