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Randall Museum

Randall Museum

On Saturday, after doing an errand in San Francisco, D. and I visited the Randall Museum, our first visit after their renovation.  Here are some of the pics I took.

We enter the Wild In California exhibit, featuring the various habitats found in the Bay Area, and the creatures commonly found therein.

A crayfish crawls around in a riparian habitat exhibit (the glass was very thick, thus the slight blur in the pic).

A collared lizard snoozes in a burrow.

A hare rests in a corner of the desert habitat exhibit.

This desert tortoise is feeling antisocial at the moment.

Friendly pond turtles swim around together in their riparian tank.

A raccoon pokes its head out of a hollow log in its enclosure.

This garter snake is curious about the activity outside its tank.

Downstairs in the Ocean exhibit we see many interesting creatures in tanks.  Here are some blackeye gobies.

This model of a sea star has cutaway sections to show its internal structures.

Speckled sanddabs have excellent camouflage, hiding on the sandy bottom.

The skin of this large ochre sea star almost looks like upholstery.

A purple shore crab scuttles around in its tank.

The views from the outdoor terrace are some of the best in San Francisco.

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