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Bay Trail

Bay Trail

On Sunday D. and I spent a little time on the stretch of the Bay Trail behind the Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park.  Here are some of the pics I took.

The trail.

Buds are beginning to swell on the buckeyes lining the trail.

The ramp leads to an observation platform over the marsh.

The salt marsh is winter-brown.

Ubiquitous power lines stride through the marsh.

Fennel seed heads catch the late afternoon sun.

A sign next to the Facebook parking lot cautions people not to be careless with food.

A feral cat slinks down the trail ahead of us.  Perhaps it is hunting some of the wildlife attracted by the food left out.

A view across the marsh toward Bayfront Park.

Another look at the trail, and its nice smooth paved surface.

A bufflehead hangs around with a pair of shoveler ducks in a drainage channel next to the trail.

A pedestrian symbol on the ground shows us which lane of the Bay Trail to use where it shares the right of way with Facebook campus trams (and bikes).  (Even in a wheelchair, I am considered a pedestrian.)

A light standard on the edge of the Facebook campus stands like an exclamation point against the sky.

A euphorbia flower next to the trail.

A look across the marsh past Bayfront Park toward the Santa Cruz Mountains.

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