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Fragment 30

Fragment 30

Fragments: the cast-offs left over from my Babelfishing process often make zany little poems unto themselves.

And one of my translating websites occasionally becomes plagued with hiccups and glitches, resulting in even more weirdness than usual.  In this case, there is an obsession with Shing/Shang.

Fragment 30

Shing first name.
Him Shing.
The Shing area Shang.

Pang language Shang.
Shing, Ching, the only night life.
Day is died, Shing.
Flat help, Shang.
He fall, Shang.

Shing, lovers.
Shing, Shing friends, Shang minimum, Shing maximum, supply Shing Chip Shing.
Street night light, operation Shing.
The passion is Shan.
Shing dead, Shan.

Shan Shing; heart, Shing.
Shing means Shing.
Shing Hugh Shing.

Shing, Shing classical flat-face Shang.
Shing, 2 eyes, Chonad guard.
Shing and 5.

Love, Paula Shan Shing fall line Shang.
Shing, the only solution.
Shing gold becomes more shing.
Shing private eye Shini.
Cold Shing.

West, Shing side.
Shing, south of the north.
Shing chess.
Private Shing branch Shan Shang line.


slip Shing Shan XI.


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