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Pulgas Ridge

Pulgas Ridge

On this beautiful sunny Sunday, D. and I visited Pulgas Ridge Open Space Preserve (btw, that's my pic up there on the preserve's web page, woot!).  Here are some of the pics I took.

Bermuda buttercups are in bloom all over the place.

The rear door of an abandoned rehab facility near the trail.

A tiny western fence lizard basks on the back patio.

A look at the front of the abandoned buildings.

Sow thistles are in bloom as well.

A warning sign is posted at some equipment for the new Hetch Hetchy water pipeline that runs through part of the preserve.

Hound's tongue in bloom.

A stile on the trail makes an impromptu lost and found spot.

The view across the canyon to the neighborhood on the hilltop.

A look down the Hassler Loop Trail.

Old, north-facing stone walls host lichen and miniature gardens.

Lots of periwinkle blooming in the shade.

A little dog is excited to have found the scent of a ground squirrel (the squirrel eluded the pup).

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