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Alviso Slough Trail

Alviso Slough Trail

On Sunday D. and I spent some time in Alviso on the Alviso Slough Trail.  Here are some of the pics I took.

Salsify and wild mustard near the parking lot.

Someone has left an elaborate offering (or perhaps a shrine) near the trailhead.

A look at Salt Pond A12.

Gulls on one of the tiny islands in the salt pond.

There is so little breeze, the water is almost like glass.

A look at the trail.  It is almost too bumpy for a wheelchair.  I got jounced around quite a lot.

Bermuda buttercups make a bright yellow splash.

On the other side of the levee, a motorboat heads up the Guadalupe River toward Alviso Marina.

Another huge stand of Bermuda buttercups beside the trail.

A United Boeing 737 takes off from nearby San José International Airport.


A yellowlegs probes in the mud for little things to eat.

Another look at the mirror-flat salt pond.

Wild radish.

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