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NWR Mallard Slough Trail

NWR Mallard Slough Trail

On Sunday D. and I visited the National Wildlife Refuge to spend some time on the Mallard Slough Trail.  Here are some of the pics I took.

The road in.

California poppy, and yarrow.

A view of the salt marsh.

A Canada goose makes itself at home on the trail.

A freshwater slough on one side of the trail.

A salt pond on the other side of the trail.

A raven investigates the edge of the salt pond.

A great egret in a salt pond.

Goldfields are in bloom

A freight train barrels through the salt marsh.

An Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 takes off for Guadalajara from nearby San José International.

A huge stand of goldfields makes an explosion of bright color next to the trail.

A great egret and a great blue heron look for things to eat in a salt pond.

The Union Pacific train tracks run alongside the refuge.

A ground squirrel checks out the scene next to the tracks.

Another great egret perches on a discarded concrete slab in a salt pond.

Another Canada goose hangs around next to the trail.

Here's a goose sitting on her nest, inconveniently located immediately next to the trail.

Mushrooms sprout from decaying tree roots in the refuge's native plant garden.

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