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Pleasanton Ridge

Pleasanton Ridge

On Sunday D. and I decided to return to Pleasanton Ridge before the weather got any hotter, now that my power wheelchair makes such steep trails possible again.  (Our previous visit was in late 2008, and I've been dreaming of going back ever since.)  We seemed to be too early to catch any wildflower displays this time, but there was still plenty of beautiful scenery to enjoy.  Here are some of the pics I took.

The Oak Tree Trail begins climbing up toward the ridge right away.

The beautiful views begin at the first bend in the trail.

A few flowers are already in bloom: milk thistle, California buttercup, and winter vetch.

Another ridge comes into view as we climb the trail.

Mt. Diablo is a small hazy smudge on the central horizon.

Looking back down the Oak Tree Trail.

The view to the east.

The Altamont Pass windmills, 20 miles to the northeast, bristle on the horizon.

More distant ridges come into view as we near the crest.

We take a break in the shade of a century-old olive grove.

A turkey vulture patrols the hillside.

A wild turkey grazes in a meadow next to the trail.

The rules do not apply to Western bluebirds.

A couple more beautiful views from the Sycamore Grove Trail on our way back.

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