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China Basin

China Basin

On Saturday D. and I did an errand in San Francisco, and then we spent some time around China Basin and Oracle Park, where the San Francisco Giants play.  Here are some of the pics I took.

Famed Giant Willie McCovey's statue in China Basin Park, across Mission Creek from the ballpark.

As a SF Giant, McCovey hit the longest-ever home run in Candlestick Park in 1966 (estimated 500-foot-plus).

A look at Oracle Park across Mission Creek.

Colorful kayaks in Mission Creek.

A cloud formation over San Francisco Bay looks like a raised hand reaching for the big cloud on the right.

The promenade behind the ballpark's outfield has archways where you can stand and watch the game for free for 3 innings.

South Beach Harbor, next to the ball park, is full of masts bristling against the backdrop of skyscrapers downtown.

Some usual light fixtures along the edge of South Beach Park.

South Beach Park is dominated by the huge Sea Change sculpture by Mark di Suvero.  Constructed in 1995, it is 70' tall and weighs 10 tons.  The circular top moves with the wind.

A sea lion basks on an empty dock in South Beach Harbor.

Looking out over San Francisco Bay, a sailboat struggles to get its sails organized in the stiff breeze.

A look at some of the recent development along Mission Creek on our way back.

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