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Redwood Shores

Redwood Shores

On Sunday D. and I went to the Bay Trail near Redwood Shores because the trail had a paved surface, and it was blazing hot (upper 90s!) and we thought there would be a nice breeze along the slough.  We were wrong -- the air was mostly still, there was next to no shade, and it was so hot we didn't stay out for very long.  Here are some of the pics I took before we turned back to come home.

A snowy egret in Belmont Slough.

Looking back along the slough, with part of the Oracle campus visible on the left.

A couple of jets on their landing approach to nearby San Francisco International Airport.

Wild radish in bloom along the trail.

Sky, clouds, and half-moon.

Another look at the Oracle campus from the trail.

Reflections in the glassy exterior make abstract swirls.

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