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Salesforce Park

Salesforce Park

On Sunday, after doing an errand in San Francisco, D. and I visited the newly-re-opened Salesforce Park in the newly-re-opened Salesforce Transit Center (yes, there's been a lot of re-opening there lately).  Here are some of the pics I took.

A look at an eye-catching skyscraper a few blocks from the park.

Reflections in the glassy façades of the buildings downtown give a surreal, under-water effect.

The rotunda inside the transit center.

A peek at 181 Fremont, a nearby skyscraper that is the tallest residential tower west of the Mississippi River.

More glassy reflections viewed from the park.

A closer look at the reflection reveals a primitive form of inter-office communication via Post-It note.

One of the thousands of flowers in bloom in the park.

A view of some of the other nearby buildings on the southeast side of the park.

A pathway in the park.

Colorful chairs are located at intervals all along the path.

181 Fremont St has a very aggressive presence even among the other skyscrapers downtown.

The three-bedroom, 3,326-square-foot full-floor penthouse sold for a record-breaking $15 million last year; original asking price was $42 million (the bottom 36 floors are leased by Facebook).

Back down at street level, we see gritty street art by urban artist Nychos.

Welcome to where you are! (Which in this case is Natoma St.)

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