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I'm a snail mom! & UPDATE

I'm a snail mom! & UPDATE

While feeding my snails this evening, I noticed two little garlic snails in the terrarium. I used to have one garlic snail (Gilroy), but he passed away a few weeks ago. So I was stunned to see a couple more in the tank tonight. As D. and I peered inside, we discovered 5 more little garlic snails in the tank.

Apparently little Gilroy was in the family way before passing on. (Had I known that, I would not have put him in the main tank.)

I am now the proud snail mom to at least 7 little garlic snails.
Which tend to be cannabalistic in captivity.  Time to get a few isolation tanks set up for my little brood. 

UPDATE:  I found a grand total of 15 little snails in the main tank.  They are now in tanks of their own, nestled down amongst some leaves, where they like to be with their flat shells, with all the other comforts of home.

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