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On Sunday D. and I managed to get out of the house to visit the Baylands in Palo Alto.  It was our first time out in a long time, due to my health problems and D.'s worsening hip that needs replacement surgery next month.  We mostly sat but managed a short walk on the trails.  Here are some of the pics I took.

The duck pond.

A ground squirrel investigates some dry cereal someone has illegally left out for the wildlife.

A view of the slough next to the preserve.

An avocet explores the mud in the slough exposed by the low tide.

The slough flows toward San Francisco Bay.

Goldenrod in bloom.

A snowy egret and a coot at the side of the duck pond.

A mallard investigates the dry cereal beside the duck pond.

Another mallard tries some of the cereal floating in the pond.  It ignores it after a couple of bites.

A couple of Cessna Skyhawks come in for a landing at neighboring Palo Alto Airport.

The salt marsh seems to glow in the late afternoon sun.

A Cessna Skylane lines itself up with the airport runway.

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