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Spreckels Lake

Spreckels Lake

On Saturday D. and I had several errands to do in San Francisco, so before having dinner and going home, we went to Spreckels Lake in Golden Gate Park.  D.'s hip is so bad he can't walk very far (hip replacement surgery is on the schedule for late October), so we found a bench and sat for a while at the lake's edge.  It was cool and extremely windy, so we didn't stay long, but here are some pics I took before we got too cold and had to leave.

Spreckels Lake.

Lots of gulls are here.

One of many coots in the lake.

A western gull eats a tiny pebble at the lakeside.

"I am Coot."

A mallard swims in the lake.

A red-eared slider turtle pokes its nose above water for a few moments.

The lobed feet of the coot are visible in these pics.

In a nearby bookstore, we see strange bedfellows in the gifts section.

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