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SF Center For The Book and Chase Center

SF Center For The Book and Chase Center

On Sunday D. and I took care of an errand in San Francisco, and then before having dinner we explored a couple of places, beginning with the SF Center for the Book.

The sign on the wall says it all.

The current exhibit is Turning Over an Old Leaf: Contemporary Palm Leaf Work in South and Southeast Asia.  This pic shows a roll of talipot palm leaves, ready to be hand-inked, stacked, and bound by cord between wood covers to make a single copy of a book.

This is an Indonesian copy of the Mahabharata, the ancient Sanskrit epic.

Here are illustrations from Indonesian books.

In another area we see a small exhibit of letterpress projects.

These cabinets house various typefaces.

Here are some of the typefaces available for use in the presses.

Hell box! (It's a receptacle for loose pieces of type.)

As we leave the Center, a utility pole casts a corrugated shadow on a textured facade next door.

Killing some time before having dinner, we head over to the Chase Center to look at the waterfront near Agua Vista Park.

Cranes hover over the Drydock.

Going up the ramp to the Chase Center's main plaza.

The massive video board above the entrance is 74' x 42'.  It displays a test pattern at the moment.

The curved steps of the Gatehouse in the plaza.

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