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A neighborhood homicide

A neighborhood homicide

I live in gangland, apparently.

Four days ago the police knocked on our door at 9:15 PM and asked if we had heard or seen anything going on 3 hours earlier regarding an incident two blocks away. We hadn't. We were in the kitchen (in the back of the house) at the time, and we also had music playing, so we wouldn't have been able to see or hear anything outside.

The police didn't go into any detail but assured us that the incident appeared to involve one specifically targeted person, and there was no need to worry about someone at large going around shooting people at random.

I found out yesterday that the incident had been a homicide. According to the local newspaper, my neighborhood is "known for its crime rate, low rents and intermittent gang activity."

Hmm. This is news to me. I feel pretty darned safe here. Even though nearby Rengstorff Park is teeming with unsafe vibes, I still feel 100% safer here than I ever did during 21 years in San Francisco's Inner Sunset. I never felt safe there, and there was not a gang member to be seen for miles around. Yet here in gangland (or perhaps the outskirts of gangland), I feel okay to let my guard down significantly lower than I ever did in SF.

Of course, it would be nice to move to a different neighborhood in town too, someplace quieter, and farther from Rengstorff Park. It'd be nice to be able to let my guard down even further.

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