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San José History Park

San José History Park

On Sunday D. and I spent a little time at the San José History Park, and here are some of the pics I took.

Birds on wires near the entrance.

A flower and some dead artichokes in the little kiddie garden in the park.

A cheerful daisy sculpture in the garden.

Looking way up at a replica of the historic Electric Light Tower.

Autumn leaves underfoot.

Metal picnic tables line one section of the path.

The façade of one of the historic houses hosts late afternoon shadows.

The Empire Fire House is not open to the public.

A view from directly below the Electric Light Tower.

A red-tailed hawk flies off over the garden, its crop full from a very recent feed.

The historic trolley is decked out for the holidays.

One of the feral cats living in the park (I really wish people would spay and neuter their pets, not allow them to free-roam, and not dump them in local parks when no longer wanted ).

A colorfully-rusted 1942 Ford pickup truck sports a holiday wreath.

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