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Alpine Road

Alpine Road

In spite of the high winds on Sunday, D. and I took a walk on the Alpine Road trail because we thought the thick woods would protect us from the worst gusts.  We were mostly right, but it was still windy and chilly among the trees.  Here are some of the pics I took.

Turkey tail fungi sprout from fallen logs.

The view toward San Francisco Bay from a rare break in the trees.

Alpine Road used to be a 2-lane mountain road until many years ago a landslide damaged it so badly that it could not be reasonably repaired, so it was turned into a hiking trail. Years of neglect have allowed nature to take over.

This view from the trail includes the Stanford campus, San Francisco Bay and the Diablo Range.

We take a side trip into Coal Creek Open Space Preserve to see a little falls, and the gulch it flows into on its way toward Corte Madera Creek.  (I gotta toot my own horn here -- that pic on the Coal Creek Preserve web page is my pic!!)

Heading back up the trail.  (Yes, this really used to be a 2-lane paved road.)

This view reveals a glimpse of downtown San Francisco, barely visible in the haze.

More and more of the hillside is washing away during heavy winter rains.  A few more severe storms and there may not be much trail left anymore.

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