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Matadero Creek

Matadero Creek

On Sunday D. and I took a little walk along Matadero Creek in the Baylands nature preserve, along with dozens of other people with cabin fever who couldn't go to their usual weekend haunts of shopping mall, grandma's place or sportsball activities and thus were treading the local trails along with us.  Here are some of the pics I took.

A view of a restored salt marsh next to the creek.

A western fence lizard eyes us warily from an observation platform.

All kinds of flowers are in full bloom along the trail.

The trail curves around part of Byxbee Park.

Ducks and geese hang out where the creek turns into Mayfield Slough.

The slough widens as it nears San Francisco Bay.

A view of the slough and salt marsh from atop a hill.

Stands of ferocious-looking thistles are found all along the trail.

A black-necked stilt wades in the slough.

A tiny beetle visits a gumplant in the marsh.

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