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Coyote Creek Lagoon Off-Trail

Coyote Creek Lagoon Off-Trail

On Saturday D. and I visited the Coyote Creek Lagoon and roamed off-trail (because a certain gate may or may not have been left open ).  Here are some of the pics I took.

Looking toward the Santa Cruz mountains.

Angelica is in bloom all along the trail.

Canada geese families have hatched.

Seaside heliotrope thrives in salty soils such as beach sand and alkali flats.

A great blue heron watches for fish to catch in Agua Caliente Creek.

Looking north across salt flats.

A mockingbird sings his song from a tree at the edge of the marsh.

A ground squirrel pauses before scurrying off into its burrow.

A ladybug crawls along a wild radish stem.

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